Motorised roof windows Solutions

Automatic Opening roof windows ( AOV )

Windows and Rooflights Ltd. Galway and Dublin offer a range of opening rooflights and roof windows. Our products include hinged rooflights that open with an easy to use manual system or the latest in motorised technology, automatic opening vents (AOV’s). Our motorised options include rain sensors, temperature sensors and remote control functions.

Automatic opening roof windows

Windows and Rooflights Ltd. offer a range of solutions for automatic opening roof windows and AOV’s.  The control of one or multiple rooflight openings can be intelligent based on a variety of factors.  We do this using multi-function control panels that we provide and custom build.  We build the control panels according to the client’s requirements in terms of heat and smoke ventilation of the entire building with key links to the building management system.

All our systems are in compliance with all building regulations.

Windows and Rooflights Ltd. past experience indicates that early involvement in a project by our expert team delivers the best outcome on bespoke projects. Our expertise in this area means we can remove any confusion or misunderstandings that often occur between trades.